Infinity Contact Agent

Infinity Contact Agents truly are our Client's main customer service. They represent you, your company, your product and your brand. We demand high quality performance from our Agents. To meet this expectation we employ strict hiring controls in order to engage top talent. Understanding what makes a good Agent is just the beginning. Agents are selected based in part on these factors:


In the technical arena Agents are expected to be knowledgeable of the various computers, telephony systems and CRM databases that comprise our call center system. This also extends to phone skills and presentation manner.  Are Agents able to articulate and speak clearly over the phone? Are they able to quickly and efficiently develop a rapport with the caller? Are they able to control a call?


An Agent needs to be motivated by the job. Call center work by nature is challenging and demanding. To indicate a good fit the Agent must have the capability to handle constant monitoring and pressure to perform under strict controls in a specific way. The company culture and personal interests are also evaluated in regards to motivation.


While there is no perfect single personality for a Infinity Contact Agent we do take the Agents personality into account when determining which accounts they would be a good fit for. Their personality also alerts us to simpler things like what time of the day are they most alert and more likely to perform at the desired level.


Home environment is an important external factor as a significant percentage of our employees work from their homes. While we implement strict controls, learning about our Agents home life is part of our process. We are very flexible and are able to match Agents with work shifts that promote a healthy home environment outside of work.
Consistency in employee retention has made our CEO smile for the past several years. Infinity Contact continues to enjoy healthy growth and the new employment opportunities it has stimulated. Our employees are our most valuable assets and are the center of the Infinity Contact identity.