Account Management

Infinity Contact Managers are well trained professional, who act as an extension of your company. These hard working individuals bring varied skills, expertise and energy to any project or campaign that is supported by Infinity Contact. Some Account Managers choose to work from remote home offices allowing flexibility and a higher retention rate while others other work from our main office located in Phoenix, AZ.

Our Account Managers and Agents are employees of Infinity Contact and not independent contractors. Our team is spread over 14 states.

• All Based in USA
• Average Age 35+
• 80% College Education
• 85% Experience in Sales & Customer Service
• 40% Management Experience
• Stay-at-Home Parents
• Military Spouses
• Retirees
• Rural Commuters

Infinity Contact supports and encourages both excellence and continued training through a variety of channels. Account Managers are selected in part by a stringent online application process that is customized to gauge the applicant’s current skill level. Applicants also undergo multiple interviews assessing their character and personality to ensure a good fit with the company culture.
If an Account Manager chooses to work from home their equipment is verified, secured and monitored. A secondary monitoring system implemented by both Managers and Supervisors that captures real time information about the Agents performance such as call wait times, call talk time and after call work. At the click of a button upper management can listen on any call in progress. Agents are also supported using secure online chat methods. Upper management is selected in part for their multi-tasking skills and ability to monitor Agent Chats. Agents can ask questions and cross verify information with other team members, Managers, Supervisors or designated staff within your company.