Applications & Third Party Integrations

We operate on the principle that if our clients need it, we can create it. Infinity Contact’s engineering team utilizes certified processes combined with comprehensive quality assurance to create stable, user friendly, and innovative solutions. Built with technologies such as C# and .NET; we create highly efficient, stable solutions designed to reduce employee cost, manage complex work-flow streams, and ultimately increase revenue. Regardless of location or global requirements, we offer affordable, high quality options as part of our delivery for custom ERP, CRM, Financial and Business software creation.

Third Party Integrations

Infinity Contacts Agents utilize many custom solutions authored by our IT Department that are integrated with the inContact Platform. Third Party Integration needs vary by industry and individual needs. Below you will see a grief glance into into some third party integration solutions we currently utilize with our clients.

Database Integrations

Due to the complexity of contact handling in today’s active society adding your database to the call scripting allows you to create useful applications. Phone numbers or account numbers can be used to look up customer data and customize call routing. Caller data can be used to perform routing determined by the caller’s location. Web pages and other applications can be used to modify data that can drive script actions.

Screenpop Integrations

When appropriate our Agents utilize a screen pop to capture information based on parameters specified by you, our Client. Screen pops serve a secondary purpose of putting of putting scripted information or best action steps in a usable format. Information entered into the screen pops can be captured in two ways. The data is automatically captured and displayed by a reporting statement. It can also be taken a step further and when entered by the agent, the data can be integrated with a CRM for maximum usability.

CRM Integrations

Infinity Contact has successfully integrated with many of today’s leading Customer Relations Management databases. Our Agents are intimately familiar with Salesforce but also utilize others such as Sugar and Pipeline. Frontline’s service oriented customer focused approach blends well with utilizing a CRM to ensure customer data is stored with accuracy and relevance.