Call Center Overflow and Crisis Support

Call Center Overflow and Crisis Support Life has a way of happening. We prepare for known challenges and know that a natural disaster or technical emergency can have business altering impacts if contingency plans and redundancies are not in place. In a crisis situation Infinity Contact provides you with the ability to react quickly to minimize the potential for damage. We also provide the peace of mind that your services can continue with a well-managed transition and little to almost no interruption in your customer care. We do this by providing both overflow and crisis support.

Overflow Support

From the moment Infinity Contact came into being; we have prioritized all things customer care.  Regardless of the type of services being offered or the specific account we understand that it all ties right back to the Agent who is actually providing the support directly to your customers or clients. The ability to communicate, engage, resolve situations, or provide accurate information quickly and effectively requires a strong foundation in customer care. By hiring a diverse yet highly qualified staff, providing high touch customer care training and employing or creating the right technology we empower our agents allowing us to train our Agents in your account specific handling as overflow support to you current team at a low monthly price point.  Should you experience a higher than normal call volume, calls that are unable to be answered by your in-house team can roll over to our Agents allowing service levels to remain within acceptable response times. We train the agents to provide support in keeping with your business practices. Aside from regular training to keep agents up to date on your handling practices they are able to search for infrequently used information using our client center on a need to know basis. This service pairs well with our Crisis Support.