Client Center

We recently rolled out our latest application, the Client Center. While our call center platform performed well above industry standard we saw a need to expand it further by tying in additional area’s such as our Agents call handling processes and reporting processes. We invite you to explore further this multi-functional application that our talented IT Team created and how we utilize it in our call center to streamline efficiency in operations and increase agent productivity.

The Client Center & Agent Call Handling

The Client Center changed the way our Agents interact with our Clients information and data for the better. Using The Community we are able to provide relevant account specific information on a need to know basis using fully searchable and easily updated Community pages. An Account Basic’s page can contain company info, address and important call handling processes at a glance for Agents to access at the start of a call. From there Agents can access as many searchable product pages or FAQ pages as needed to represent our clients at a highly customized level.

This informational search ability gives us a lot of flex in being able to train agents to free script, making calls flow as naturally as possible while allowing Agents to capture information correctly, cross reference other areas without jumping script and to provide a first call resolution as often as possible.