Custom Front Desk

We believe that every call is important. Your clients and customers will appreciate being able to communicate with a live person every time they call. If you do not require a physical person to greet people walking in your door money that was previously spent on wages, sick leave and vacation time can be better spent for other areas in your company when your front desk needs are staffed virtually by Infinity Contact

Multifunctional Service

Answering your inbound line is just one piece of our Front Desk Solution. All options are highly customizable such as effective IVR /Greeting integration and scripted agent responses. Infinity Contact Agents have the ability to cold transfer, warm transfer and look you or multiple members of your team up in order to transfer to numbers or locations based on your location. Appointments can be scheduled; information looked up based on your handling procedures. We can take it a step further and have the call summary with details sent to your email in a read format. Picture yourself in a meeting but you are expecting news about a family member in the hospital or news on a deal that will impact the outcome of the meeting. Your smartphone buzzes so you look down and see an email has come through. You read at a glance who the call was from, the message and the contact details. The actual call with the information was taken by an Agent less than 4 minutes ago and you didn’t have to log into a voicemail to get the message, you just had to glance at your phone. We make it that easy, showing your customers that you value quality and have commitment to support them.

Warm Transfers

Not sure what calls to outsource and which to take? Our warm transfer option may be the key for you. You decide if you would like to speak with the caller or have the Agent take a message for you.

Real Time Messages

If you are not available to take a call our Agents can take the message and send it to you via email in real time.

Appointment Scheduling

Infinity Contact Agents can pre-qualify and schedule your leads in order to free you for pursuit of closer.