We are taught that getting the most from your customer feedback builds long lasting profitable relationships. We believe that customer satisfaction derives from the ability to resolve customer issues quickly at first contact while providing personalized care. Infinity Contact ensures that customer value and nurturing customer loyalty remain front and center in our priorities. Experience combined with our CRM knowledge can help you gather record data and utilize your customer information as a workable data base that both you and Infinity Contact Agents can access. Welcome to Infinity Contact Client Center. Via customized training and careful agent selection your product or application is fully supported. With the level of training and in depth product/services knowledge we expect of our agents we ensure that we are true members of your team. We developed the ability to create pages that contain as much information as needed for our Agents to handle the call or contact point that can be accessed via our Community. Pages can be searched quickly on a need to know basis to find information about a company, product or service creating a natural conversation flow versus a hard script. Spec sheets, step by step how to directions and access points to your database or CRM can be represented in a clean easy to manage format for Agents to utilize real time while on the call.

The CRM Value

As part of our first call resolution whenever possible we found we needed to be CRM friendly. We achieve this by customized CRM solutions—created by us or direct integration with your existing CRM database allowing both you and our Infinity Contact Agents to quickly see. Our proven expertise in these areas allows your team to focus on other areas of growth while resting assured that your customers are being provided the level of attention they deserve. We work closely with Sales Force and Zen Desk, two of the industry leaders in CRM arena. We are also familiar with many others and are happy to look at your current CRM solution in place.


All Day - Everyday After Hours Weekends Holidays We deliver 23/7/365!

Customer Feedback

Interpretation of your customer’s response to products, services and the overall experience with your company can be costly. We offer several cost saving solutions.

Strategic Foreign Language Support

As Global marketing continues to grow so does the need for multilingual support. We meet global communication needs.