Communication has become so integrated into our society today and Infinity Contact is right there to support phone, email, chat and text channels. People use it without thinking and it is available everywhere. What makes your services and bundled offers different from the other thousands of companies offering the same or similar? We propose it’s your exceptional customer service provided by Infinity Contact combined with quality brand recognition.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Quality product representation is important when establishing brand loyalty and customer service to your end consumer. We continue to see an inbound call trend from current Clients where consumers are calling from the storefronts to verify information prior to purchasing. Infinity Contact has staff available and ready to answer when your next door neighbor calls to find out if there is Gluten in the product or if they can order straight from you, the manufacturer, in quantity.

Outbound product representation is also available for those sticky situations that are not fun to think about much less to deal with. What happens when your meat supplier notifies you that they found Salmonella in some of their meats? Simply add our outbound dialer option, a CRM and customer list and you have a customized, traceable solution to notify, educate and document the responses from your consumers taking some of the load off your shoulders.

Financial Services & Insurance

Infinity Contact provides quality call handling with accuracy and confidentiality in these sensitive information areas. Our culture is built on meeting consumers’ expectations of first call resolution and knowledgeable service every time they call. Our Agents are taught to instill trust and confidence through voice, verbiage and service excellence ensuring that you gain and keep both their loyalty and continued business.

Real Estate

Reliable messaging delivered via email straight to our client’s phones ensure that they receive their callers information in a timely manner when out in the field. We also offer customized solutions for afterhours rental property support.

Food & Restaurant

Infinity Contact is proud to offer support for companies who offer mobile applications that allow consumers to browse, order and pay for local goods and services via smartphones such as food or coffee.

Retail Business to Business or Business to Consumer

It doesn’t matter to us if your business works with other businesses or if you work directly with consumers. Infinity Contact Agents will provide the same high levels of support regardless. Professional courtesy and skilled accuracy are appreciated in any setting.


Our customer service Agents are well acquainted with the sales cycle and indoctrinated in our service methodology and culture. The details change but the core principles for supporting ecommerce stay the same. Agents respond, interact and help close sales. Support is given via phone, chat, and email channels. Our Agent talent combined with our transparent reporting makes trend analysis of questions, comments, and company praise or issue documentation possible outside of a CRM. Add a quality Agent accessed CRM option into the mix for a 100% fully utilized customer care solution.

Hardware & Software

We offer 3 tiered software support for operating systems or software applications. Our reporting approach can be set up for trend analysis of all incidents and resolutions outside of traditional CRM options. We utilize industry recognized best practice methodology. 

Software support can be delivered via multiple communication channels. Telephone, Chat, Email and secure, remote connectivity to customer’s infrastructures are utilized by our Tech Support Agents. Our aim is to deliver both resolution activities and diagnostics at first point of contact when possible. 

Hardware is supported by knowledgeable Agents who are trained to be proactive in identifying new issues. User advice and assistance with problems can be delivered over the telephone or via on-line venues like Chat and Email. Services provided are defined by you, the client, during the Account Set-up. Response and resolution parameters are set based on your company’s criteria. We can work with your in-house Tech or Customer Care Team to create a Tiered Approach that addresses the level of responsibility you are comfortable entrusting to us. We work closely with our clients to ensure commitments are met and if escalation is required to your team that they are handled correctly, efficiently and with accuracy.

Healthcare Industry

Infinity Contact has carved out a niche when it comes to supporting the Healthcare Industry. Confidentiality, secure computer systems, an articulate well-spoken staff, and understanding of HIPAA and PCI compliancy have made Infinity Contact a great fit for this area of support. We include private clinics and on-line health portals among our current client roster.

Direct Response

We respond to campaigns including but not limited to print, radio and television. Infinity Contact has found this to be a good fit as we have the flexibility to ramp our staff up and down as call volume demands. We work with many new start-up companies and understand the business model used at the beginning may not be the model that works and will work with you to provide the support tools needed for the approach being used.