Outbound Call Services

The outbound component to customer care is often treated as the ugly step sister when in reality it can be a great opportunity to build sustainable communication and longevity with new or existing clients and customers. While we are not Telemarketers we do offer the following services:

Data Verification

Dbases and Directories can get out of date. When it is forward facing to clients there is additional pressure to keep them both current and accurate. With our ability to work directly in the CRM you utilize or create an API to talk with your database, we can update data gathered from outbound calls and input it real time. This option is cost effective and cuts down on redundancy.

Event Notification & Registration

Infinity Contact offers a painless outsourcing option for your conference or event registration needs. We can provide ongoing or temporary 1 800 numbers for easy toll –free registration. Up sells or door prize enticements can be offered during the conversation. Your attendees will never realize they are talking with a company other than your own.

Customer Feedback

Interpretation of your customer’s response to products, services and the overall experience with your company can be costly. We offer several cost saving solutions.

24 Hour Response

Our staff is on the job 24-7 actively engaging a full service solution to meet your specific needs.

Partnership Value

Our partnerships with the best-in-class CRM and Technology Industries add value to every customer contact.