Quality Assurance

We work closely will all members of Infinity Contact’s team in order to provide the excellent customer service skills that keep Infinity Contact in the forefront of excellent service.

Our Assurance of Quality

Infinity Contact Account Manager’s monitoring is in place to support Agents in their efforts to continually improve account specific knowledge and skills. Infinity Contact's Quality Assurance Team monitors a percentage of calls from each Account for overall continued excellence across the board and works with the Account Managers for an overall view of Agents and Accounts.

Transparent Call Handling

Often in the industry call support reporting is delivered and reviewed via a written end of month report of calls handled and basic call volume statistics. Not at Infinity Contact, we want you to be involved in your call handling. We want you to understand how your calls are handled and give you the capability to listen to them and provide feedback on how your calls were handled.

Using our Client Center you can pull a report and see which Agents handle the majority of your calls or even what their average handling time is. You can then select a particular call and listen to the call with the option of providing feedback to both your Account Manager and the Agent who handled the call through one easy to fill out form.