Technical Support

Infinity Contact offers 3 Tiered Tech Support for products such as electronics, hardware and software. Our work at home agent model has been a natural fit when recruiting information technology professionals. Our Agents provide natural ability, an affinity for technology, commitment to continual training combined with the ability to deliver your clients support in a way they can easily understand. These services can be delivered in any combination of formats such as Phone, Email, Click to Call or Live Chat. Agent familiarity across formats is a must in order to sustain quality support for the end users. Most in demand would be our Tier 1 Tech Services. The base function of a Tier 1 Agent is to collect the customer’s basic information, to determine the customer’s problem through analysis of issues and application of available solutions to resolve the issues. Tier 1 Agents typically work under the direct supervision of a senior technician. We are very flexible and dependent on the level/need of support interaction we can include a member of your staff as part of the direct supervision team. A Infinity Contact Tier 2 Agent provides more in depth technical support than a Tier 1 Agent. They typically assist as needed via chat and other methods the Tier 1 Agents. If a Tier 1 Agent is unable to resolve first call the information is then relayed to Tier 2 for validation and alternative solutions or solutions requiring a higher level of database access. We can integrate with or create CRM’s and shared databases. Tier 3 is responsible for back-end support, high-end support, and infers an expert level of troubleshooting. Research and development come into play. Many times this position is handled by an IT professional within our client’s organization but we do offer this level of support on a case by case basis. Our commitment is to make sure that we are a good fit and we evaluate opportunities with this in mind. Professionals at this level in our client’s organizations will place high value on our reporting capabilities and their ability to manipulate the data.